I’ll be there for you…

It seems that in the past few years, several people who I used to know or I was at school with, have decided to give up. They have realised that it is time, they’d let their struggles win, and simply let go of their physical life.

The news I read today, has devastated me.

It just makes me realise how fragile we are… How people can appear like they are having the time of their life from the outside, yet they feel dead inside; empty.
I can speak from experience when I say, that some of us can hide their feelings very well from the society we live in, and only break down when alone, in a safe place. I guess, it is difficult to admit that we are weak, in the fear of being ridiculed or shut down, when we show our true feelings. Experiencing neglect and being misunderstood is definitely much worse than feeling sad and insecure in your own head.

But this is our problem. If we don’t admit defeat, if we don’t ask for help… how do we get better? How can we win a fight we are not even trying to battle?

Moreover, if it is not you, but a friend of yours, how would you manage to detect their depression, insecurities and concerns? How can you help them, without making them admit they are suffering and going downhill?

I keep wondering, if someone knew what was going on, maybe the death could have been prevented? If someone cared enough, offered a cushion or a shoulder, tried to understand… Maybe the world could lose less people to suicide.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be there for you…”

  1. Depression is one of the worst dieseases there are. One of it’s worst effects is the depression will prevent you from opening up your problems! it’s like having a voice inside your head telling you “shut up, don’t annoy people, you’re worthless! who would listen to you!” and the worst thing that can happen is when someone suffering opens up and get told “oh you’re always sad, such a pessimist” or “oh you’re so full of drama!” Depression is hard very hard! a quote which I read and hit the nail on it’s head was by Dorothy Rowe ” Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer” Also Robin Williams was a classic example of a Depression sufferer!

    Good article , hope you are well 🙂

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    1. Hey Frank, you are so right. It is a very scary disease to have; it is bad enough having insecurities, but a depression on top of that is a very terrifying thought. Especially for those who have tried to open up and better the situation and gotten ridiculed by so called friends. I love that quote by the way, makes so much sense. And how can we forget about Robin Williams. Still not over it!

      Take care 🙂


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