About the Author

It is not always easy to write about oneself.

Where do I begin? I have started writing for leisure (leaving all the school years behind), around the year 2009. Back then, my main focus was poetry. Back then, DeviantArt was very popular, and all my work was published there.

Later on, I tried to hold a number of blogs, but none stuck. That is before SteffiSays towards the end of 2014. In fact, starting out this blog was initially part of my New Year Resolution. Little did I know, that this resolution was one of the few which stuck with me for the years to come.

Since then, a various Content Companies in Malta as well as overseas, namely United Kingdom have approached me to write commissioned articles and guest posts for them. This, I accept with honour as I am passionate about writing especially when topics regard my hobbies – travel, food and lifestyle.

By profession, I work in tech. When it comes to passion, I am a traveler, photographer and of course – a blogger.

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