Relationship Status: Single

– This is merely an observation, as per my experiences using social media. –

I have realised, that as soon as my Facebook relationship status turns to single, something magical happens. It is like a world wide silent notification is passed through every single men’s head (sometimes even to those not so single!); not just the males I know, but even random ones who I have no friends in common with.


What is it with men, talking to you just when you  you are single? Let me rephrase that.

What is it with men, talking to you when they think you are single?

It is almost like Facebook is the source of all that is truthful; the HOLY GRAIL!

Is it true, that men and women can’t be friends? That, the only reason they talk to another is because one of them is chasing the other? That, it is never the case that they are both just genuinely friends, with no strings attached?

If your answer to the above is nope, then why do most men leave you be and not talk to you any longer when they find out you are not eligible, have no interest or are not emotionally available?


2 thoughts on “Relationship Status: Single”

  1. As a male I can put my feedback in this one, most close friends of mine are girls, what usually happens is, when they go in a relationship they either stop talking you themselves or they don’t find time for you and sometimes even tell me my boyfriend doesn’t like me talking to boys as close friends. Just some of the experiences I ve been through! Try an article on male jelousy now ? 🙂


    1. Well, in my opinion, I think that when you are in a relationship, your first and foremost person to talk to, and spend time with is your partner. Of course. But I don’t think one shouldn’t talk to a person of the opposite sex. In the sense that, to me, a person is just a person. Just because someone is a guy, not a female, it doesn’t mean that I speak to them to flirt, or cos I want to sleep with them.
      A little bit of jealousy is good I think, just not if you let it ruin your life and your relationships.


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