No, it is not OK…

Imagine you are casually walking by the seashore on a Summery Saturday afternoon, minding your own business; sunglasses on, hat on due to the excessive sunlight. As you are peacefully gazing the view in front of you, taking it all in, just a few minutes before you are due to go into work, this group of Maltese males pass by.

Being all ignorant and dense, they’d start talking about you in Maltese (not even whisper, no!), assuming that you are this dumb tourist who wouldn’t get a word they are saying. Comments would start off with nice dress, to what they would do to you if they had the chance, and what the hell am I doing being outdoors all by myself “looking like that”.

Needless to say, I stayed there listening, boiling mad with every statement they say to each other. When it looked like they have said enough, I turned around, smiled and asked them “xi haga ohra?”. For my non-Maltese readers, this would translate to “Anything else?”

Well, that DID shut them up, but this doesn’t explain how rude and respect-less they are to women. I mean, these guys thought they’d get away with it, because I could not understand them… but doesn’t that make it even worse? It is because of situations like these, that I feel like I lost hope in humans, in men…
If it was I who said such statements about guys, that would have made me a slut, but it is somehow cool for men to say these things… Double standards much?

Either way, it is disrespectful and equality on this subject wouldn’t make things fine. Objectifying people is always wrong unless done with consent from all the people involved.


2 thoughts on “No, it is not OK…”

  1. I’ve had such things happen to me as well, Steph. Not in the countries I visited but like you on my home turf in Kuala Lumpur. So I do feel you. I know how terrible it is. I too, still carry the memory today of those men who made lewd remarks… one was as you said in the guise of ‘what they would like to do to me had they chance meaning sexually..’ and another time, when I was much younger, about my outfit as I had worn a short skirt. I was very thin then. 🙂 Like you, I too, was alone at the time. And I still haven’t forgotten… And you are right, no, it’s not okay… Hugs. xx


    1. It is things like these when I feel like we live in a backwards society. Why we have to endure these things, and not being able to do anything about it, is beyond me. This has happened many time before, especially in summer when it is warm. And if it happened to me, it has happened to the average women in every other country. It is such a shame that we pride about open-mindedness and equality, yet we fail at something so basic. Trust you are well Susan. X


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