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Hobbies To Take Up As Summer Is Approaching

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The clocks have officially gone back! It’s no longer pitch-black at 6 pm. That’s right folks; spring is here. And what does that mean? Summer is just around the corner! Hurrah!

There is a still a little time, though. So how to make the most of it? Here are three hobbies to consider taking up as summer approaches.


Whether you’re slightly addicted to Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off or not, baking is a great hobby. Sure, buying all the ingredients can be quite costly at first. But actually, once you’ve built up a collection of the basics, you’ll save money on buying the products fresh. A bag of self-raising flour, for example, will be good for at least a handful of bakes.

Baking is also a great hobby for people with strict dietary requirements. It can be a real challenge to find products that are wheat-free or dairy-free. Plus, they tend to be pretty rammed with sugars and sweeteners. By making your own, you are in control of what does and doesn’t go in them. You can also make recipes just the way you like. You can make amazing brownies without pecan nuts if you don’t like them. Or make a triple chocolate cake with whipped cream in the centre; the world is your oyster. You can really let your creative juice flow.

Need some ideas? Facebook groups like Delish post different inspiring recipes every day, both for baking and cooking.


The days are getting longer, and nature is looking beautiful again. Capture the magic by taking up photography. You can focus on any genre you like, be it people, wildlife, landscape or cityscapes. Or just snap whatever takes your fancy from day to day.

Photography is one of those hobbies that can be as versatile as you like. If you like fast-paced environments, take shots of shoppers, or runners, or sunsets. Or, if you want to take it a bit steadier, go for landscape or nighttime shoots.

Don’t just use your phone either. The pixels might be high, but the quality just won’t match up. Invest in a good quality camera, and a sturdy Camera Bag to keep your purchase safe.

Getting fit

We expect way too much of ourselves when we sign up for gym memberships on New Year’s Day. Yes, the deal they’re offering is great but it is such a good price for a reason. Because hardly anybody then goes. The days are short; the nights are long and there is still loads of leftover chocolate in the cupboard…

Early spring, however, is a far more sensible time to join. Looking at summer holidays gives you some real motivation. Plus, you’ll find going to the gym after work far more appealing. Or, if you don’t want to join a gym, spring and summer weather and light lets you get fit outdoors. Go for a run in your local park. Take the dog with you. If you have one, that is. Don’t just take a random stranger’s dog…


Of MasterChef & Cooking

I was having a conversation with one of my closest friends and amongst one of the many topics we tackled, we mentioned taking cooking classes. We thought it would be great to take them together since we both share a passion for the art of cooking, and getting a certification would be a great next step. Apart from this it would also be benefiting for us to get a bit more tips especially in food presentation in my case.

Because of this, we ended up watching a few episodes from MasterChef The Professionals UK. I must say, that I love the concept of this series, were really great chefs from around England (and the world) battle out each other. Furthermore, it is also good inspiration for me, and I can definitely get some ideas to what I will attempt to cook in the next couple of weeks. The most disappointing thing is, that one hour, in reality is a very short time to prepare a good dish especially when you are expected to prepare a quality, well presented, tasty meal. It’s almost sad to see some of these really talented chefs being brought down to tears on TV.

Even if I ever become a renowned chef, I don’t think I would ever pluck up the courage to test myself this way, in front of millions of viewers. I think this experience can either build you up or break you (or your reputation that is!).