Where have the eligible bachelors gone?

I am quite a sociable person, and I get introduced to a considerable amount of people of the male gender; some face to face, others over the internet. I must say that the amount of interesting guys is decreasing time and again. I guess this issue is not just with the guys, but also with the gals.

As a person, even though I need to find the guy attractive physically, I think that what is the most important for me is intelligence. Yes I am a Sapiosexual. I love a guy who can talk on various subjects, who can hold a conversation; someone who I can learn a thing or two from. This on top of a guy being fun and funny, and who can make me laugh about the silliest of things, yet he can be mature when the situation requires it. I hate it when I have to mother a guy… I’m looking for a partner in crime. A guy who can live in the moment but can think about the future.
(Then comes the obvious ‘honest, loyal, truthful..’ characteristics, but that’s a given)

know what I want.
Thing is, how many guys out there know what they want?
And out of those, how many would meet my basic requirements?
I wonder… Am I asking for too much?

It’s not like I am asking for a top model millionaire who owns Bran Castle, a beach house and a cabin by the lake in the middle of nowhere.

4 thoughts on “Where have the eligible bachelors gone?”

  1. Have you considered looking at people you have known for some time, but in a new light? Maybe you’ve known someone for so long that you do not tend to consider him as ‘bf’ material, but he actually is? Or maybe you are not looking in the right kind of places. Think less clubs and bars, and more online fb movie groups or common hobbies?

    Anyways I think you should just enjoy yourself and meet new people without focusing on actually finding someone long-term. Perhaps someday you’ll start flirting with someone you had not considered before, and it could grow into something more than you expected.


    1. I have dated great friends, or people who I have considered as bestfriends at the time, and in the end, we broke up. Which means I not only lost a boyfriend, but also my best friend. I don’t think I can do that again, I don’t want to lose any of my other good friends. Those are as hard to come by nowadays too…

      With regards to clubs, it is really not my scene really, and I only dated one guy who I have met in a bar. It gets a bit frustrating at times, to think that no great guys are left. I don’t mind being single, I’ve been enjoying my life… but I don’t wanna remain like this forever 😉


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