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What’s Up

My blog is a priority to me, however there are times and things that surpass my blogs. Such things are travelling and starting a new job; which in this case are very, very true.

In the last month and a half, I have taken time travel and in total I have visited 5 countries in almost 3 weeks. This has not only led me to learn new things about different cultures and do plenty of sightseeing, but also helped into finding myself again. To me, traveling is the very best thing. It is new and exciting… an adventure!



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After making it back to Malta, I have spent a few days catching up with friends, doing the laundry and relaxing. This is because two weeks ago, it was time for me to change my job. This time, my role is Reporting Specialist, which is highly focused on reporting – gathering data and specs, creating the reports and reconciling. It is a very exciting role as there are a lot of changes going on, and my role is a part of it, and in two years time, I am hoping to see myself in a managerial position. I have been aiming for this for some time, and it has gone unnoticed in my past job, so I am very happy to be in this position now.

I have noticed in the past weeks, that my followers on WordPress have been increasing exponentially which is great to say the least. While I would like to welcome you all to my humble blog of anything that comes to mind, I would also like to excuse myself for the lack of writing, and hope that going forward I will have more energy to entertain you!

Victoria Grayson’s Master Plan [Revenge]

Things are never the same, when your favourite character dies in a series…

I am still under a shock, and traumatised following the death of Victoria Grayson. How and if I will ever get over it is another question. There is so much that I loved about this woman;

1. Her sense of style and the way she portrays herself physically in every single episode… Should I look half as good as her when I am her age, I would be so happy.

victoria dress

2. Her fashion statement was not only her clothes, but also her furniture.

victoria chair

3. Her ability to manipulate people and have several men falling for her

4. Her evilness and her wickedness

victoria gif 1victoria gif 2

5. And most of all, how her suicide (sadly), was her master plan to ruin Emily Thorne’s (Amanda’s) life… Lets see if Amanda would be able to get out of this one! [Read more here]


Error 404: Rock in NickelBack not found

There was a time, when I used to love Nickeback’s music, even if it is not my very favourite genre. The album Dark Horse was the one I listened to the most.

  • You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out
    Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth

  • S is for the simple need
    E is for the ecstasy
    X is just to mark the spot
    ‘Cause that’s the one you really want
  • Well she ain’t no Cinderella when she’s getting undressed
    ‘Cause she rocks it like the naughty wicked witch of the west

    Far too pretty to be giving it cheap
    That’s why she’s making six figures working three days a week
    Ya she’d even break a promise in the promised land
    She didn’t make it this far by just shakin’ hands
    She’ll shake her money maker twice as hard as anyone can
    She didn’t make it this far by just shakin’ hands

So, what the hell has happened with their recent record? Pop/Disco song if it even deserves that categorisation…

Have a listen: “She Keeps me Up” aka she makes me wanna snooze till this song is over.