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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

One of the people who have inspired me a lot in the past years is Jamie Oliver. I have started to follow his work mainly because to me, he is one of the top chefs; not just in Europe but worldwide. He offers tons of recipes online, and sells various books with his cuisines, targeted towards healthy food as well as not too “expensive” so that us, the plain Jane and regular Joe can afford to try it out.

Along the years, Jamie has become more than just a chef. He owns his own Franchise Restaurants “Jamie’s Italian” which are magnificent by the way! As a non UK resident, I still had the same privilege; I subscribed to the gold club, and am taking advantage of several offers and features while dining in one of his restaurants.


Furthermore, Jamie has been campaigning to instil a healthier Britain; to educate people to eat healthier, by inspiring them to cook at home rather than buying cheap eats on a regular basis; to help the nation fight obesity, by mastering a healthier lifestyle – food-wise and exercise-wise.

Last November, Jamie Oliver introduced his own recommendations to tackle childhood obesity. He suggested a new tax on sugary drinks, fairer marketing as well as a school food plan among others.

Today, 16th March 2016, in London, the parliament has decided that within the next two years the sugary drinks tax will be implemented. This is not just a win for Jamie, but Britain as a whole. It is one of the steps to fight obesity, not just in children but adults alike.

I personally think, that such tax should be present in all the world. MALTA are you listening? If fast food and soft drinks weren’t so cheap, one would think twice buying these products.

Lets fight the ticking time bomb that is obesity, together!


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Snowy London

snow london

Most of my friends who live in London, have accepted the fact that they won’t be seeing more than an inch of snow this winter, just like it has happened in the previous years. But not today… This morning, London woke up to a blanket of snow, and according to the weather forecast this is expected to last for a while longer. In fact the Siberian gales are bringing five days of sub-zero weather. The temperature is expected to drop at around -11 degrees celsius.

I think it would be beautiful to see the City of London covered in white… But since I cannot just buy a flight ticket and see it for myself photos will have to do….

snow house of parliament
The House of Parliament and the surroundings covered in snow
snow london hyde park
Swimmers taking a dip in Serpentine Lido, in London’s Hyde Park
snow london home of cricket
Home of Cricket is all white
snow stanmore station north west
Snowy Stanmore Station; North West of London

Main source for these beautiful photos… The Daily Mail