Bikers in Traffic

I love bikes; I think they are gorgeous and I admire each and every one of the bikers who pluck up the courage to drive in Malta and Gozo.

In case you have never visited Malta, or never driven in Malta… Maltese roads are hell to drive in… Not even the devil himself dares to set his foot here and drive in this pit of danger and death. Angry, irrational drivers, chaos of traffic and to top it all shitty bumpy roads throughout the islands. (Sometimes I wonder why we pay the driving license to be honest!!)

Considering all the above, would it make more sense, to have some kind of rule/law enforced with regards to which side of the motor-lane a bike should drive in? Should bikes overtake or undertake? I’m thinking that this would help everyone on the road, as all car-drivers can pay some special added attention to that side of the road via the mirrors, and hopefully the bikers will also feel slightly safer on our roads… Especially during the peak hours of traffic, namely 7 to 9 am and 5 to 6 pm, when everyone wants to get to work/home and all the main roads are packed and crammed with cars. Zigzagging around cars is not the way to go in these circumstances.

6 thoughts on “Bikers in Traffic”

  1. IF you’re refering to motor bikes, the law says that a motorbike should observe lanes, just like a car and shouldn’t undertake! but as is the case in Malta this is rarely observed! I only know of one guy that doesn’t overtake with his bike even though there is space for him to pass. What Malta needs is law enforcment and better road planning!


    1. Lets be true to ourselves. We are in Malta. There is always a jackass who overtakes another, even if they are driving at a regular speed (mhux qisu in-nanna!). Also, I dont expect a motor bike to wait in queue in traffic, with the cars, because well… what is the point in driving a bike if you do not have any privilege? So, given this, I think there should be some sort of a law which states that a bike should overtake from the left or the right. Just pick one. I have lost the count of how many bikes I didn’t see coming because of over-speeding and driving in zigzag.


      1. A bike can overtake, just like any car but it shouldn’t undertake just like cars shouldn’t undertake! Undertaking in a bike is far more dangerous! In countries where people drive on the Left hand side of the road cars and bikes should always overtake from the right hand side, undertaking is “overtaking” from the left hand side! I agree with you bikes should overtake as if they stay behind cars, traffic would be even worse!

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