Steffi Advice #1 – Single and Frustrated

Dear Steffi,

I have been single for a number of years and I am starting to wonder why I have been for so long. Most guys that are interested in me are either nerd looking or those who just wanna have sex and get on with life without me. What do you think am I doing wrong?



Dear Frustrated,

Although a number of years might seem to be a long time, it spares you the heart ache of dating someone who you do not have enough interest in. Fill up your time with other things, stop waiting for prince charming. Love comes when you least expect it, or so they say. I have been single for almost a year myself, but I have come into terms with it. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Love yourself, enjoy the freedom. There will be time in your life when you are going to regret not taking advantage of this situation. Travel, read, learn a sport or a hobby, have random chats with strangers, focus on yourself.
I’m sure there are good men out there, he will come to you… or you will come to him; at the right moment, at the right time. Maybe you will have to kiss a few frogs before you find the prince, but remember… everyday you are one step closer.
As much as I don’t want you to give up, I want you to make the most out of your current situation.

Much Love XX

2 thoughts on “Steffi Advice #1 – Single and Frustrated”

  1. Bringing a few thoughts after a small discussion with Steffi on FB. As a geek myself, I would recommend reconsidering rejecting guys based on their “nerd looking”. It’s is well known that geeks and, yes, even nerds are awesome partners for a relationship. They care for you more than other guys, they will cherish you and put you on a pedestal, and they are able to have an intelligent conversation, which, let’s face it, is not every guy’s forte.

    Take a good resolution and try dating a geek, what do you have to lose? We’re the best lovers, because we like to understand how stuff (including the female body) really works 😉

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    1. Thank you Laurent, for sharing your opinion. Being quite a geek myself, I can vouch for what you have said. Besides, just because someone is a bit of a geek, does not mean there’s not anything more to them. Being a geek is just part of oneself, and is in no way the only thing he would bring to the table.

      Dear Frustrated,
      Try to get to know one, maybe other parts of his character are appealing to you, and who knows, maybe he will actually be worth your time and you could consider a relationship with him. Attraction is important, but it is not the only thing which matters.

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