Of MasterChef & Cooking

I was having a conversation with one of my closest friends and amongst one of the many topics we tackled, we mentioned taking cooking classes. We thought it would be great to take them together since we both share a passion for the art of cooking, and getting a certification would be a great next step. Apart from this it would also be benefiting for us to get a bit more tips especially in food presentation in my case.

Because of this, we ended up watching a few episodes from MasterChef The Professionals UK. I must say, that I love the concept of this series, were really great chefs from around England (and the world) battle out each other. Furthermore, it is also good inspiration for me, and I can definitely get some ideas to what I will attempt to cook in the next couple of weeks. The most disappointing thing is, that one hour, in reality is a very short time to prepare a good dish especially when you are expected to prepare a quality, well presented, tasty meal. It’s almost sad to see some of these really talented chefs being brought down to tears on TV.

Even if I ever become a renowned chef, I don’t think I would ever pluck up the courage to test myself this way, in front of millions of viewers. I think this experience can either build you up or break you (or your reputation that is!).