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So this morning I was in work, and while I was sipping my coffee and working on my weekly reports, I hear the mention of a crashing plane. Being still not wide awake, at such an ungodly hour on a Monday morning, it took me some time until it registered in my head that there was an actual plane crash.

I was even more shocked when I Googled the words “plane crash” and I saw the word MALTA.

I have never in my 29 years of life, heard of such incidents on Maltese shores. I must say, this has shaken me to the core. I got goosebumps all over as soon as I read the article, and even more so when I watched the video. Two explosions, fire everywhere, people crying as they witness what has happened. It was crazy. Heartbroken.

There were no survivors, and if you watch the video, you can understand why.

In moments like these, I can’t help but reflect on my life. How short life is, how unpredictable it is. As a frequent flyer myself, tragedies like these although they won’t convince me to stay bound to Malta forever, make me realise how fragile we are, how although rare such things happen – even if it never occur to us that it will happen to us, or someone close to us.

With this in my mind, I urge you to hold on to your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight and to not be afraid to love and be honest always. Life is precious, and once our heart stops beating that is it.

My deepest and sincere condolences to the families of the lost souls.
Rest in peace.

Meet Halfy…

Halfy is what his friends call him. And there’s a whole story about why his nickname is this. Let’s start with a photo of this American guy.

Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez

Yes, the nickname is self-explanatory now that you have seen the photo. But guess what? He was not born this way. In fact, one night he was on drugs, and while he was driving he hit a pole, flew out of the window and landed on his head. He’s doing well, and until this day, he has not undergone any cosmetic surgery. It seems to me, that he likes his new look.

After reading this story, I was curious to read about other similar stories.

Meet Steve Gator, a twenty six year old guy from Essex (England) who had his skull crushed. He was attacked by two teenage thugs on his way home after work. Very unlucky. Unfortunately because of this incident, he is suffering from a lifelong disability.

Steve Gator – Before & After

Another victim back in 2008, by the name of Alan Hind, twenty eight year old, also had an accident where he shattered his skull. It all happened when he fell approximately seven meters while working on his roof. On top of that he suffered from kidney damage and he turned deaf from his left ear. To this day he still suffers from trauma and memory loss.

Hou Guozhu; Chinese, at the age of eight, had a large portion of his head removed. He was a healthy boy just like his twin brother, but when he was three, in the year 2000, he started to suffer from periodic spasms of is left limb. His family traveled to all the local hospitals for help but this was not enough. Six years later his father afforded to take the boy to the Beijing Brain Institute were he was diagnosed with a rare inflammatory disease of the brain, know a Rasmussen Encephalitis. He underwent four operations, and for this treatment his family had to sell almost all their possessions, including the house. The father also turned to the media to help with donations. In 2011, the kid finally had the cosmetic surgery done; in which a titanium alloy plate was implanted.

Hou Guozhu – Before & After

These three victims as can be seen from the pictures to this article, have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Enjoy life, and make sure you don’t lose half of your head! 😉