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Blues and Thorns

In a dimly lit corner,
In a southern bar,
In the loneliest part
of town,
Where the wooden floor
creeks with every step,
I chose the far most
gloomiest table.

The juke box
playing random blues,
an antediluvian tending the bar,
who cannot remember
how to serve a customer.
I stare into space
playing with a thorn menu
my fingers running across holes
in the table.

like this paper
have suffered.
Like the jukebox,
I’m old.
Like the bar,
I’m forgotten.
Like the owner,
I’m alone.

By Steffi ~


If I had to let you go
I’d be hollow
like a tree;
destroyed –
by a chainsaw
by wind and rain.

If I had to let you go
I’d be incomplete
Life needs water,
and I need you.

If I had to let you go
I’d be alone
Not only physically,
but my heart would bleed
for you and your everlasting

//By Steffi ~ 2010


I gave you my heart
You tore it apart.
You split it in two
because you, love you.

//By Steffi
This is an old poem, but I thought I’d publish some of my work from time to time.