Cashiers who can’t count

In Siggiewi, we do not have big supermarkets, so usually I drive to the place where I grew up for some serious grocery shopping.

After I chose my items, I went to the cash area to pay for my items. Continue reading Cashiers who can’t count

Of Restaurant & Planning Advise

When we need information, and we cannot get the answers from the people we know, we usually ask Google for a solution. But when it comes to holiday planning  or something as simple as choosing a place to eat out, these days I am preferring TripAdvisor over any other website or site-engine.
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Maltese Christmas Log

The below is one of my favourite dessert recipes which are quite traditional in Malta during Christmas times. However, I have made this randomly during the year too; Because I am cool like that.
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Rants of Precipitation

I love my little island, but sometimes the ignorance hits such a high limit, that I am unable to stay quiet about it.

Granted that some of us have never really seen snow in real life unless it’s on movie. Continue reading Rants of Precipitation

The Introduction; The most boring post of all

The thing I find hard the most is to try to define myself. To define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth; Impossible. Who I am, and what I am today, will not reflect myself as a person tomorrow… Or yesterday.
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