Of Restaurant & Planning Advise

When we need information, and we cannot get the answers from the people we know, we usually ask Google for a solution. But when it comes to holiday planning  or something as simple as choosing a place to eat out, these days I am preferring TripAdvisor over any other website or site-engine.

The reason is quite simple. TripAdvisor is a traveling website which gives you vast information and reviews of every place worth visiting and/or eating at. Not just that, but everyone who visits can rate and review their experience. Based on these reviews and photos, I will then decide what is worth my time, and which places I should skip etc.

I have also decided to include my own reviews based on my personal experiences on TripAdvisor, and as such, I wanted to provide you with the link of all my past reviews I have written. May I also say that going forward, I will also share with you places worth visiting on SteffiSays as well.


2 thoughts on “Of Restaurant & Planning Advise”

  1. Agree 100% i hardly book anything without consulting Tripadvisor these days and also leaving a review after my own personal experience. Unfortunately not all restaurants can take constructive criticism however


    1. I agree. However in some cases, I tried to discuss with management before writing a bad review, to see if we can work it out rather than ruin their TripAdvisor score. But some restaurant owners get defensive and start blaming you on their mistakes… and those restaurants do not deserve anything better than a bad review.


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