Cashiers who can’t count

In Siggiewi, we do not have big supermarkets, so usually I drive to the place where I grew up for some serious grocery shopping.

After I chose my items, I went to the cash area to pay for my items. There were only two cash lanes open,  and I chose the first lane as it seems like it had the smaller queue, although truth be told, both lanes had several people waiting.

While waiting I was looking at the sweets section, which is always tempting. For once I decided to not get anything, because I ate way too much chocolate and cakes this Christmas.


I noticed how slow the lane was going, and then I realised that the cashier was really slow. Perhaps she’s new to her job I thought to myself.

The woman in front of me had just a handful of items, yet it took the cashier a long time to process them. Then.. Embrace yourselves! The cashier had to count the money three times before she made sure that she had the right amount. First time, she told the woman that she still needed more money. The client was sure she gave her the right amount, and more as she rounded up the coins. So the cashier put all the money on the area in front her. With her long, fake nails (ugh), she couldn’t even  grab the money, so she was sliding them one by one. Finally she counted the money, and she told the client, “You’re right, I need to give you change!”

**Long Pause**

Hold your horses…. She forgot how much change she needs to give the client.
At this very moment, I really wanted to take the cashier’s place and sort things out myself.

At least, third time round and after a deep sigh, the client received her money and left.


Lessons learned:
– If you want to become a cashier, know your maths.
– If you want to become a cashier, do yourself a favour and don’t wear your long, fake nails to work… Unless you really know how to be efficient while wearing them!

//rant over

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