Rants of Precipitation

I love my little island, but sometimes the ignorance hits such a high limit, that I am unable to stay quiet about it.

Granted that some of us have never really seen snow in real life unless it’s on movie. Although I’d say that it’s sad as it is possibly one of the nicest things I’ve seen, not everyone is lucky enough to be abroad to see snow; Unless you visit a Scandinavian country or somewhere like Poland at the coldest possible time of the year to ensure seeing and experiencing snow.

It is due time for everyone to learn the difference between hail, sleet and snow.

Hail: These are pallets or balls of frozen rain, which occur during a rain shower or storm. The size varies and can be as big as a baseball.


Sleet: This is a mixture of snow and rain. Sleet usually leaves the cloud as snow but starts melting as it is coming down due to warmer temperatures.


Graupel: Small pellets of snow, with a soft texture and crumbles when you touch it.


Snow: Light white flakes, not really watery. They stick to the ground, and form a white layer.


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