Have you ever wondered why some people are more curious than others?

curiosity…Well, I did. So I researched the topic, to try and understand this phenomenon.

Being curious is much related to the exploratory behaviour of a person in his early life. Some of us are more interested in familiarity, others feel the need to be subjected to new experiences and the novelty of life. According to research the brain structure is different depending on how you were raised and whether one is more drawn towards novelty or towards familiarity.

As a trait, being curious make you more aware of the changes going on both inside you and around you. When something is of interest you are more often then not head over heels about it and explore it to the depth, and beyond when possible. Being curious works hand in hand with intelligence as when one is curious, one reads and learns. They are better at maintaining relationships, not just because they have more to talk about, but because they have an attitude of openness, passion and interest, which decreases the odds of becoming bored of each other.

When one stops being curious and showing interest in the things around him, then one can say that his way of thinking is polluted. This would affect a person’s creativity, problem solving skills as well as feeling disconnected from others. They would fear the unknown, getting to know new people and will be stuck in a world of their own. Not in the good kind of way; they will hold onto the past because that is familiar.

And till this day, I keep wondering, and thinking. Why was life so much slower when I was younger? Time does not go by faster now, but sure feels like it! I ask myself, how people can not be curious? Why some don’t question life after death? How can you believe that heaven exists, when there’s no proof? Although, that would be nice, and would give me comfort at night.


What is on your mind? What are you curious about?

4 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered why some people are more curious than others?”

  1. I’ve always considered myself a curious person but I also tend to prefer things that I’m used to. People call it my OCD. I think I’m curious with things that interest me, I think you wrote that in your post, too.
    I’m eager to try new things, sometimes, but usually lack the patience to get through with it, as described in the first post on my blog.
    I’m curious about new ways of expressing myself. Through writing and painting/drawing.


    1. I am quite like you too, although from time to time I do love getting out of my comfort zone. Such as when I moved to England, or when I came to London to meet you 🙂
      I have tried to access your blog when you followed me, but somehow can’t find anything to read apart to a link to reasonrally.org – can you guide me?

      PS. You forgot to mention expressing yourself through photography X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, you’re right. how can I forget about photography 😛 it’s a big thing.
        hm yes, I noticed there was something wrong with that. now it should work. that was something I did a while ago. now I started this blog, it’s still new, but English 😉


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