Borrinu… aka Snowman

This post is a fun one, and is inspired by one of Malta’s top new words… Borrinu. This was invented this year after some people managed to make snowmen made of hail. Anyhow, the translation to this word is a snowman. I guess a snow-woman would be a Borrina.

Today we will have a look at the translation of Snowman in various languages:

  1. Olaf_from_Disney's_FrozenArabic: رجل الثلج
  2. Czech: Sněhulák
  3. Danish: Snemand
  4. Dutch: Sneeuwpop
  5. English: Snowman
  6. Estonian: Lumememm
  7. French: Bonhomme de neige
  8. German: Schneemann
  9. Latin: Pupulus nivalis
  10. Maltese: Borrinu
  11. Norwegian: Snømann — Very Englishy!
  12. Polish: Bałwan śniegowy
  13. Russian: Снеговик
  14. Spanish: Muñeco de nieve
  15. Turkish: Kardanadam

Happy learning! 🙂

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