Age, is the question.

When I was much younger, think – early teenage years, I used to believe that being 18 years old was old. Because you know, you are officially an adult, you can drive, you can vote… you name it! When I got to the age of 18, I was worried on how I will feel when I am no longer a teenager. 10 years later, I am terrified of the idea of being 30!

This time three years ago, I was a very busy bee. Why you ask? I was in the process of buying property for the first time, as after 3 years I was tired of stuffing my money in rental properties and having nothing to show for it!

What I didn’t know was, how time consuming and difficult it is to find a place you love, in a town you like and with all the specs you wanted. In the end I settled for a 2 bedroom house, with a yard and a cellar. Almost three years down the road, and I do not know how much money I have put into the house, but I cannot say that it is ready. Truth be told, I haven’t gone down in the cellar for over 2 years, and I have changed my mind on what  I want to do with it a dozen of times.
First I thought I wanted a spa Jacuzzi and a gym area, then I thought a library dungeon sort of thing, and now I think I am settling for a cinema / bar area combo. Needless to say, this project would cost A LOT of money. Money which I still don’t have… and by the time I get to do it, I would probably think that this current idea will not fit my lifestyle (due to age, situation, who knows!)

As rime goes by, I wonder. What makes us who we are? What changes us? Is it age and experiences themselves, is it people? Or is it just us looking for something new…. for a new project or challenge?

3 thoughts on “Age, is the question.”

  1. Kumbinazzjoni qijed fil process li nirranga bicca mid dar tijej fl’ahhar! wara hafna snin intella u nnizzel meta u kif andi nibda! Meta kont izar il propjeta’ ma kienet tfisser kwazi xejn ghalija izda illum namel iljieli shah nahseb kif andi narma kamra jew x’kuluri andi nuza al hitan lol. Iz zmien ibiddilna, il prijoritajiet taghna ta l’inqas jinbidlu zgur.

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    1. Hux vera. Jien joghgbui id-djar u l-antik imma qatt ma bsart li ha nispicca nara kif ha niddizinja kamra etc. Imma tbh qed niehu gost ta, il-problema hija biss il-flus! Nikbru u ninbidlu… who would have thought?


  2. Pero nghid jien allahares nibqew l’istess al kollox matul iz zmien hux, li tiskopri affarijiet godda f’hajtek jew trabbi interess f’xi haga li forsi qabel dejjem injurant jamel il hajja aktar interessanti u less predictable. U b’hekk forsi growing older ma toqodtx tarha bhala xi haga negattiva biss 🙂 Ijwa il flus huma l’ikbar problema ghalija ukoll lol


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