Embarrassing Tattoos

I know people are, and can be stupid, but sometimes they sink to the lowest low. One of the things I like doing when I need a laugh is to look at embarrassing tattoos people put on themselves permanently. If I were to have one of these, and I am blind, I would still be horrified to sport it in public.

– What the cow is this?

tattoo dung


– Black is my favourite colour, but this gal does take it to the extreme…tattoo black


– I have no words for this. Do I have a dirty mind, or is this just so wrong on so many levels?tattoo bieber


– Sure, I loved watching the ninja turtles during my childhood… but really?tattoo donatello


– My olive juice brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like: It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

tattoo juice


– As a lady, who loves beards and mustaches, no I do not dig this;tattoo ladies love it


– Neither the requester nor the tattooist had enough nolege to prevent this obscenity. tattoo nollege


-That’s almost true…

tattoo nothing lasts forever


– If it wasn’t so horrible, it would be hilarious

tattoo raining  men


– Last but not least…

tattoo no comment

More to come 😉

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