Late-Term Abortion

When I was young, around the innocent age of 12-13 while at school, during our compulsory subject of Religion, we were forced to watch a very detailed and bloody video of a woman during abortion. At such a tender age, I was horrified to watch this, and I think it was wrong for the school to make us see it and what happens to the baby. Needless to say, myself and friends of mine were quite disturbed by the imagery… But life goes on.


Now aged 27, I still wouldn’t want to watch how they do this procedure, however, I did watch a video last night which made me remember what I went through, and all the rage that this subject seems to cause not just in Malta, but worldwide.

I for one, am against abortion. There’s so many ways in this time and age for a person to be protected (condoms, pill, injection, coil.. you name it, they have it), that one should not get pregnant unless they want to or planned to.  And if you do get pregnant, take responsibility for your own actions, and if you can’t raise the child yourself there’s always adoption.

Having said that, this is my opinion, and you are entitled for your own, of course.

Whilst browsing on Facebook, I have come across a very questionable and controversial video about abortion. A woman wears a hidden cam and goes to one of the abortion centers. This happens in Arizona and deals with late-term abortion. Thoughts? Comments?

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