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Sunday Fun-day Walk

It was a sunless Sunday, but it was pleasant enough for yet another walk. This is also in the vicinities close to home. I think these are within the limits of Siggiewi.20150208_limits of zebbug_1

20150208_limits of zebbug

20150208_limits of zebbug_2

20150208_limits of zebbug_3


Sunday’s Valley Walk

It has become a tradition more or less, than on Sundays after lunch, weather permitting, I go for a walk in the country side. During this time of the year, nature is at its best. The grass and the trees are at their greenest.

Today, the weather has been rainy at times, but sunny at others. We left for the walk while it was sunny, but an hour later, when we made it home, it started pouring. I guess I could say we were quite lucky.

Some photos from the walk:

1907935_10153521161589606_9058301235436382407_n copy

10929185_10153521161699606_3362938508354735282_n copy

10847564_10153521161454606_3715892867647558207_o copy

This valley is located in between Qormi, Zebbug and Siggiewi. There are a number of entrances to this paradise.