Alternative Gig tonight at Razzett l-Ahmar

If you have no plans for tonight, consider an alternative evening featuring 4 local bands. The headliners are For Strings Inn, who are quite well known on the island especially after their latest album last year.

Bands participating are:

for strings

Doors open at 20:30 and the entrance fee is 5 Euro.
Location: Razzett L-Ahmar (Triq id-Durumblat, Mosta/Attard)

Razzett l-Ahmar Limits of Mosta

3 thoughts on “Alternative Gig tonight at Razzett l-Ahmar”

  1. Unfortunately, I have plans… using more of your dad’s boxes and lugging them around malta… *sigh* will this never end? Hope I’ll have more time to go out in a couple of weeks though.


  2. lol ofc not, but after eight hours at work and then more hours lugging boxes, all my body needed was a shower and sleep.

    Most of it will be over soon, then I’ll have till the end of May to clear out other stuff which is ‘fragile’ like the T.V, microwave, plates, mugs etc. Going backwards and forwards ourselves with those. The major issue though was having to be bound to others for certain things, and that will end next Saturday 🙂

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