Happy Pi Day!

Every 14th of March, we commemorate Pi.

A lot of the geeks I know, today eat pie just for the sake of celebrating this nerdy day of the year. Fret not, I have done this
myself before, which is why I know about this tradition… But I had to skip it this years for various reasons which I won’t get into during the blog post.

pi day

For those of you who are not aware of this sacred day, here is some information. Pi is a mathematical constant and since it is an irrational value, it is infinite and has no repetition or pattern whatsoever. It is a very fun holiday for those who celebrate it. I mean, who does not love pi pie? Let me think…. NO ONE! Steak and ale pie, ricotta pie, chicken and mushroom, key lime pie, pumpkin pie, berries pie.. Yum!

Some people also commemorate this day by creating fun videos of themselves or friends reciting a ridiculous amount of digits of pi. Here’s some videos:

Will you celebrate it next year?