Winter Sun

IMG_7006 copy
When you get out of the office for the day… and you look at the sky…  so blue… and up, shining is the winter sun…
You know it’s a good day for a drive…

IMG_7024 copy

Today, spontaneously I kept driving through Siggiewi where I’m currently residing, to the limits of Ghar Lapsi, past the Hagar Qim temples and to Wied iz-Zurrieq… Because of the rain last week, the fields are so green… and while I was driving, I saw the sun going down… Such a beautiful sunset.

IMG_7014 copy_

And it managed to turn my frown… into quite a beautiful smile ❤

IMG_7020 copy_

//Photos are taken by Steffi today, 6th of January 2015.
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